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Our company was established in 2005. Our main business is development and production of high-quality music data for Karaoke machine.
Our data being successfully used both by professional producers of Audio/Video equipment and amateurs who value high quality sound and video. Many of our data have no in the world, as they are produced only by our company as novel products with exclusive characteristics and optimal in all cases cost.

Most of producers of digital and analog audio/audio data try to convince their users that high, sometimes very high price for their devices has critical effect on the sound/video quality, the company’s reputation and the image of the devices.
In fact it is not so. We optimize the cost of our devices by working directly with original data suppliers and producers in China, Japan, USA, Asia and Europe bypassing different dealers and companies that often resell rare and hard-to-reach contents at three-four times higher price, by which they dictate their prices on the world market, auctions and other sources where most of buyers buy those music data.

Our policy consists in the highest quality of our products and their accessibility for a common user, who has neither capability nor desire to pay several times more. All our music data are being developed in China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea and produced in southeastern Asia using the best production processes and technologies. We use only high-quality music data of such famous producers as Pioneer., Nishijin, Sharp, Philips, Party World, Inbar, Hyundai many others.
Our music data include MKV, MPEG, MP3, WAV, MIDI …data and compatible many karaoke machine.
Also very easy installation for new and latest data.

We will be glad We will be glad to receive your offers for cooperation and sale of our unique additional music data in any part of the world.

Feedback from some of our customers (quoted with their permission)

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